Selected Work

ACLU Rights for All2019

Volunteer guide to get candidates on the record during primary season.

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ACLU Voter2018

Place to show voters their voting information, scores on their representatives, and promote key ballot initiatives.

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ACLU What the District2018

Interactive showing history of Congressional districts.

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NYTimes Homepage Redesign2018

A comprehensive redesign of the homepage along with changing how we choose and promote stories.

(Case study available upon request)

NYTimes Open Art Direction2016-2018

Art direction for public-facing blog about product, tech, and design work by teams at the Times.

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NYTimes Push and Messaging2016

Shifted strategy and writing style for push notifications.

Digiday about the changes

Experimented with new experiences on SMS and Facebook Messenger for the Rio Olympics and 2016 Presidential elections.

Nieman Lab about the Rio SMS experiment

Nieman Lab about the elections FB Messenger experiment

NYTimes Article Redesign2013

Redesign of the article page. Dynamic templates change based on media size, writer’s voice, ad configuration.

Interview with the team

The Verge with more details

Joshua Slater 2017

Site design for Trinity Church conductor Joshua Slater.

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